Size B It`s the size Din A 5 about 15 x 21 cm for example the dog on a Laptop

if you want to paint exactly the picture from the video ask about a cheaper set price for all the stencils from the Video


The stencils are suitable  for  beginners and the professional Airbrush artist
All Stencils are delivered with a detailed step by step instructions in color.
All stencils are cut with a laser plotter, which allows high precision.
As template material, we take  0,125 mm Mylar for the  sizes ( A,B,C,D ).
I designed all the templates by myselves  to ensure that a variety of details are included in the template, they are easy to use and they fit perfectly.
In the beginning,  the price of some stencils appear to be very high but the high level of detail and the quick work justifies the price.
If you are a beginner the stencil technique provides you with a professional  finish in a manageable time.
Also look at the You - Tube videos to see the stencils in action.

How to create the stencils

At the beginning of my airbrush work I used a cutter knife to cut the stencils

I started with the masking film like you see it in nearly every instruction book but I realised very soon that all of my cutting work is for the garbage after I finished my work.

So I decided to use thick paper or a plastik sheet for my future work because you can always use a good stencil in the future.

Then I discovered the Stencil Burner for my work and I used it for over 20 years ( I got pretty good with the detail work)

With the stencil burner I made thousands of stencils but there was the next problem ... If a customer likes the picture ( stencil ) but he wants it 20 % bigger I have to sit a few hours to cut the bigger stencil.

I bought a Plotter ( with a blade ) to cut bigger or smaller images but the Plotter allows only to cut the surface of a stencil so you have to take out the parts that where cut  in extra time and sometimes you destroyed parts of the stencil.

So for smaller highly detailed stencils there is no use in a Plotter and I returned to my stencil burner until I could buy me a Laser Plotter.

Now i can cut highly detailed stencils in every size and as you can see in the You - Tube videos that the main work is provided by the stencil.

All the details I paint in minutes would take me hours in a freehand work

the second advantage is the surface you paint on... If you use a brushes ,

Pencils or a cutter knife for your detail work you will never get a clean surface

and you need a huge amount of clear coat to get it plain .

The stencil work leaves a plain and spottless surface.

If there are mistakes in my translation please let me know

everything you see in the you tube videos or on my homepage is available as a stencil in different sizes

How to order...Please send me an e-mail to                  
just tell me the name or number of the video and the size , then I can give you a price

Background Stencils
The size of this stencils is like in the description

Picture Stencils
The size of the stencils in this group is based on the Picture in the design, for example if you buy the Grim Reaper  in size B you can paint the Reaper in the size 14 x 21 cm and   all the different stencils you need are in this size , with the background design the finished picture will be much larger do you want to paint the picture like in the video ( with background stencils) or do you just want to paint the main picture   

you can pay in your PAY PAL account to my e-mail adress ( )  or to my bank account
postage and shipping cost 10,- euro
the package  is send with airmail as a registred letter ( you have to sign the delivery)  and should be at your adress in 3 - 6 days

there are different sizes available
A is the size Din A 6 about 10 x 15 cm           

B is the size Din A 5 about 14 x 21 cm
C is the size Din A 4 about 21 x 29 cm           

D is the size Din A 3 about 29 x 40 cm
1 inch is 2,54 cm ,

New      the smallest size is for mobile phones so the stencil size is 4 x 8 cm        New


I use solvent based Metalflake Candy colors (should be the same as House of Kolors candy) and a solvent based opaque black and white ( opaque black and white ,the other colors are transparent )

about the quality...
instead of an instructional DVD ( that some artist sell with their stencils) I decided to use  a free  for all you tube film system . Everything that you see in the videos can be done by you and the stencils there is no need to do a huge amount of freehand work to finish the picture like other stencils
This stencil technique increases your working speed so you can do more and earn more money  . I´m working a lot on shows and conventions so I have to work very fast and in high quality so I´ve produced for myself these highly detailed stencils

stencil materials I use
... it`s solvent proof but you can´t put a lot of details in the small stencil because the laser melts small details back into the stencil , this is the material I use for the larger stencils

( Mylar is used in the sizes A,B,C and D )

about cleaning the stencils
I never clean the stencils because you can easyly destroy small details but I use them hundreds of times without quality loss .

The Mylar material is solvent / Thinner proof so you can wash them in thinner

Anything you would like as a stencil from your own picture ???
yes this is possible if you send me the picture you like and you tell me the size you need for the stencil
I can give you a price  If you want it I can paint the first picture with your stencil and I can put the video of this work on you tube for you  so you can see how  it works

How to order...Please send me an e-mail to

With the information about the stencils you want

Name,size and the quantity of the stencils

You can pay easy with Pay-Pal and the stencils

will be delivered


I get questions about the stencil prices

Yes the price is high , but the stencils are just that good that you can get them payed with your first ( or 2 ) paintjob(s)and then you have them for a lifetime .

yes there are cheaper stencils available but ...

1. did you see them doing these free videos on You Tube showing how you can work with the stencils  ????

2. with my stencils you are finished when you are painting the last stencil step , you don´t need to do a    huge amount of freehand work to get the result of the advertised picture.

   The stencils are suitable for beginners and the professional Airbrush artist.

3. you can hardley sell an stencil made artwork to a customer if you can see these cheaper images    everywhere ( e-bay,amazon etc.)

   here you´ll get an very exclusive stencil because it´s only produced in a small quantity

4. the time you´ll see in the You Tube videos that I need to paint a picture is the time you´ll need to finish your paintjob

   So you can earn your money in a short amount of time ,

   so you can work more ,  

   so you´ll earn more

5. I work with these stencils now for 25 years

   I designed all the templates by myselves to ensure that the artwork is highly detailed, that they are easy    to use ,that there is no need for cleaning the stencils after every paintjob and that they fit perfectly.
   I make my money by working on fairs , exhibitions or shows ( car shows)
   when I work there I got about 2 - 5 minutes to finish a mobile phone painting ( with primer, airbrush and    clear coat )
   So my stencils are highly detailed and you can use them very fast
   even for bigger paintjobs like the bike gas tank I usually need 15 min up  to 45 min to finish the picture

6. it`s no magic in my videos just the best multilayered stencils you can get  right now ( in my opinion ).
7. This richness of detail in the template has the advantage that an image is created very quickly but it has    all the advantages of a perfekt free    hand work ( even when you are not so good with freehand Airbrush )

Size A   Bike gas tank  ( Each skull is in size A ) Size Z   Cell phone Size D   Bike big gas tank Size C   Bike gas tank Size B   Tablet Avaiable Sizes

How  to order…  Please send me an e-mail to  with the information about the stencils you want  , Name, size and the quantity of the stencils   You can pay easy with Pay-Pal or to my Bank account and the stencils will be delivered worldwide as a registed letter